Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the largest seaside resort in Bulgaria. It's just that - an infinite sunny shore, surrounded by a wide beach, an oasis that looks like the home of the sun and the careless summer mood. Whether you are an individual, a family or on holiday with friends, there is something for everyone - sand, mountains, fresh air, entertainment and culture. The ancient city of Nessebar which is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site, is in walking distance from the resort. In it, the story is alive, the churches and the cobblestone streets - countless, and the coziness unparalleled. Discover your Sunny Beach, with us.



The beautiful city that leaves a memorable aftertaste. The marine town is encompassed by three lakes and the sea. Here time stops to make way for the people of Burgas, who are wrapped up with their everyday duties without being too diligent. The city is a reflection of its inhabitants. Burgas is a marvellous mixture of old, new, modern and traditional with cultural values, excellent restaurants, golden beaches and endless Sea garden alleys,  the summer twilight of which is equivalent to paneurhythmy. Here the fish specialties are the most delicious, the mood is always excellent, and the holiday is unforgettable.